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John 'Whiteboy' Walden from England, has been "a harmonica player" almost all of his life thus far, starting at the age of 8. He quit school to become a professional musician back in 1965. The band broke up one week later! He has become one of the best known harmonica players in Europe, as much for the passion of his music as for anything else.

He plays both the 10-hole diatonic harmonica, as well as the chromatic instrument, and his musical interests include rock, American blues and Gospel, as well as jazz, and other other genres. He completed three major tours in the U.K., playing with the Matthew Jones Orchestra, performing in tribute shows to Karen Carpenter, as well as to Dusty Springfield.

John has become almost a fixture on the internet discussion group Harp-l, where he has been sharing his knowledge for more than 15 years.

'Whiteboy' has toured all over the world, & worked with such great musicians as Rory Gallager, Lightning Hopkins, The Madison Blues Band, Madeline Bell, Eva Jones and many others. As early as 1968-69, he was playing in Paris with his group the John Walden Workshop. He has performed at such prestigious British venues as Symphony Hall, The Adrian Bolt Hall, The Old Rep Theatre in Birmingham, as well as at the Oaken Gates Theatre in Telford, the Dudley Town Hall and the Civic Center Solihull. In London he has played at the "100 Club", The "Whisky a-Go-Go", the Pizza Express Jazz Club in Dean Street, Ronnie Scott's Club, the "Pizza on the Park" and at thousands of other venues.

He has also played at international music festivals in the US, Germany and Great Britain. In 1997, he formed the John Walden Blues Band, which released the CD "John Walden's Blues Band". That band gigged around London performing his own originals, as well as blues jazz and soul music standards. In 2002, with keyboard player Charlie Hyam, the duo released an album "Blues, Jazz and Boogie."

In recent years, he has played gospel music with the New Wine Gospel Choir in London. Since 2009, John has been based in Cebu City, in the Republic of the Philippines performing with "The Friends Band", Alvin Tabag, Delta Slim, Ricki Cui and other Filipino musicians. While residing in Asia, he has traveled to Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia as well as going back to the United States of America to play his music.

While in the United States during 2010, John joined singer/songwriter Karmann Powell's band, "Karmann and Kompany", and he looks forward to playing music with them again, next time he visits Arizona.

Karmann & Kompany's Website: http://www.kandkband.com

John Walden is now (May 2011) in England, but is available for work anywhere in the world.