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John "Whiteboy" Walden's full name is: Victor John Walden. He was born at the top of Shooters Hill, in south-east London, on 23rd October 1948. John is the son of Victor Charles, and Edith Lilian Walden. He has two sisters, Patricia Anne Walden, and Jean Christine Cocrhrane, (Nee Walden). John's primary school was Christ's College, Blackheath. This has been re-named The Blackheath Preparatory School. He passed his "eleven plus" examination and got a scholarship to attend St. Dunstan's College, Catford.

While at St. Dunstan's, John joined his first ever band. "The Bespoke Tailor Unit"... The slogan of that band was "Music made to measure", and it was while a member of that group that John Walden first heard some recordings of Little Walter, who's real name was Marion Walter Jacobs. "What instrument do you think that is", guitarist Rick Atwell said to John Walden, as "Sad Hours", an instrumental by Little Walter, was playing on the gramophone. "I have no idea" replied John. "Is it a saxophone, or perhaps a trumpet? " "No John, it is a harmonica!" From that day onwards, John Walden decided that the musical instrument "of choice"for him, was to be the "short harp" or "blues harp" otherwise known as the diatonic harmonica.

Until that time, John had only played chromatic harmonica. Then for about twenty years, he played the diatonic pretty well exclusively.... However, in recent years John has re-discovered the chromatic harmonica, and these days plays both instruments. He really didn't like school at all, and dropped out in 1965 to go "on the road" as a professional musician, in a group called "The Set". "The day I dropped out of school was probably the happiest day of my life so far!"said John. "The Set" didn't last long however, so John then started his own group, first called "The Blues Combine", but later re-named "The John Walden Workshop". This toured mostly in France, playing in Paris and in the south. On returning to the UK, John went to work in his father's accountancy business. As his dad said "Just until you make your name as a musician"......
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