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from 1966 onwards John Walden's Workshop, Circle, John Walden's Blue's Band, The Blues Combine.
Various bands which toured throughout Europe, and elsewhere. I am a world-class harmonica player and blues singer. In recent years I have performed with The New Wine Church Gospel Choir, in Woolwich, London, England and also with the Matthew Jones Orchestra across the U.K. I have also played my music at the Glendale AZ Folk and Bluegrass Music Festival in the USA, and at "Spring Harp Fest XI", in La Mesa CA, USA. Since residing in the Republic of the Philippines I have played my music with "The Friends Band", "Tabag and Walden", and with Delta Slim, among others.
from 1970-2003 I was the General Manager & later Director and Company Chairman,of V.C.Walden & Co.,(Incorporated as a Limited Company in 1977) & based in Blackheath, London, UK. Pub Stocktakers, Accountants and Business Consultants; Licensed Trade Specialists. I ran that business originally founded by my late father back in 1928, & employing at times, more than 25 employees for 30+ years. It closed down in 2003.
from 2003-2008 Accountant
Business Administrator
from 2008 to the present time... Musician
Journalist & Author.
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